Goliathus goliatus


Minimum exportable: 10 Kilogram or Elements or Foots
Origin Port: Douala, Cameroon
Payment methods: L/C,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram
Sales methods: F.O.B

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Goliathus goliatus Has a wide distribution ranging from western to eastern equatorial Africa.Characteristics: One of the largest species of the genus, sometimes reaching over 100 mm in length. Elytral markings vary greatly, and a number of different varieties have been named.

Comments: The first Goliathus species to be described. View an early natural history illustration of G. goliatus.

Varieties: goliatus, apicalis, conspersus, undulus, albatus, quadrimaculatus

Countries of origin: Cameroon, Central African Republic, the Congos, Gabon, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda.


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