Chamaleon rampholeon spectrum


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Origin Port: Douala, Cameroon
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The spectral pygmy chameleon, western pygmy chameleon, or Cameroon stumptail chameleon[1] (Rhampholeon spectrum) is one of the so-called « dwarf » or « leaf » chameleons, from mainland Africa. They are small, not exceeding 10 cm (4 in), with very short, albeit prehensile, tails. They tend to frequent the ground and low shrubbery in forested areas.[3]

This species is capable of color change, but generally in somber shades of tan to gray. It also has a ventral stripe from the eye to above the base of the tail which, however, is not always displayed in lieu of plain ground colors. It is capable of quite striking coloration in the form of streaks and blotches.

In spite of their small size, plain color, and often terrestrial habits, they are otherwise very much like the larger chameleons in possessing independently rotating eye sockets, opposable digits on the front and back feet, and projectile tongues. Males may be differentiated from females by their wider tail bases.


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